Planning for a new vehicle can be daunting financially. Fitting a new monthly payment into your budget requires thoughtful organization and plenty of attention to detail. We understand that, with a busy lifestyle, sitting down and designing a new financial plan isn't always feasible. That's why we've created our finance application, which you can fill on our website in a few easy steps. Your information is entirely confidential, so you won't have to worry about any of your private details being stolen or sold. And, after you're done, you'll get a credit decision in seconds. It's that simple.

How to Use Our Finance Application

To start, all you have to do is enter some basic information. First, decide your financing type. Whether you're buying or leasing, there are benefits and drawbacks to each. It's important to explore your lifestyle and spending habits to determine which option is best for you. Then, enter your application type-individual or joint. From there, you can choose the vehicle that interests you the most. It's a simple form fill after that, and you can enter all of your information so our system gets a full read of your financial situation. That's it! You never have to leave your couch. Applying for financing with Sunbelt Ford of Sylvester is as easy as 1-2-3, and we're here if you have any questions about the process.  

Value Your Trade-In Vehicle Near Albany, GA

Your first step towards buying a new Ford is to trade-in your old vehicle. Selling independently might seem appealing, but it isn't always the best option. A busy schedule doesn't account for the endless hours of marketing you'll need to do in order to make your vehicle known. Then, you'll need to scour through potential buyers in order to find someone reliable. Along the way, you might lose money, either through a bad deal or further months of vehicle value depreciation. With Sunbelt Ford of Sylvester, the process is easy. You just have to use our online tool to determine your vehicle's market value--within seconds, you'll have an approximate answer. We vow to give you a fair trade, and you can exchange your current vehicle for the Ford of your dreams.  


Determine Your Credit Score for Further Financing

Your credit score could impact your interest rate on your next vehicle. The better the credit, the lower the interest rate. To better plan your budget, you'll need to have a general understanding of your credit score. Luckily, you can check it quickly on our website. With a few clicks, you'll have your score, and you can use it to better determine your interest rate range. Planning for the future has never been easier.  

Contact Sunbelt Ford of Sylvester, GA For Vehicle Financing Advice

Since 1984, we've been helping customers afford the Ford of their dreams. We put our customers first, and we consider you a part of our family. For more information, please don't hesitate to contact us!